How to handle showings

Our system ensures that sellers are always in charge of the viewing.  Our team works with your schedule, and can customize showing times to suit your family’s needs.  We wish to give opportunities for buyers to view your property in a timely manner.  

As your Representatives, we wish to help you maximize all viewings, including the open houses.  To help accomplish this, we will guide you through the different showing types, and also promptly address others questions (including those from other agents).  

Our office finds that weeknights and weekends are the most popular times to view homes.  We do have a few pointers to help you in the scheduled showing times.

  • Try to keep the home neat and tidy
  • Remove personalized items, such as photos or bills/letters with your name(s) on it.
  • Where possible remove animals, especially dogs, as we find not all prospective buyers are as animal friendly as you and I may be.
  • Have a place to go, or busy yourself for the scheduled time.  The time the buyers are going through your house, is ideally by themselves (with their agent).

Yes, things such as open houses and house viewings are inconvenient, for a short time (especially in this housing market!).  However, this is typically a short time frame, and can be managed with the help of a good agent.  Our job is to advocate your listing as you would like, and we are welcome to your feedback and suggestions as well. Our job is to present your listing in the most effective manner possible and also in the way that is comfortable for you. Your feedback and participation in the process is encouraged.

To take maximum advantage of the today’s market we encourage a personal consultation where we can help you assess the current market value of your home and also review the most effective strategy to get maximum dollars in the shortest time possible. We specialize in taking the stress out of the process.  

Let’s see what we can do together!